Saturday, January 5, 2013

2013 Portuguese Historical Fiction Challenge

Last year I decided to start reading more Portuguese Historical Fiction and embarked on an informal challenge. This year I'm taking it to the next level and I have decided to organise a proper challenge devoted to Portuguese Historical Fiction. I hope more readers will join in and that together we may find new titles to enjoy and discuss.

Challenge details:

  1.  The challenge runs from Jan 15th to Dec 15th 2013. You can join in at any time.
  2. The books chosen for this challenge should be historical fiction written by a portuguese author or historical fiction set in Portugal. You can find a list of reading suggestions here 
  3. Levels of participation: Curious About It - 1 to 3 books, What a Fun Idea - 4 to 6 books, Perfect for Me - 7 to 9 books
  4. Leave a comment on this post to sign up. Please use the Mr Linky below for your reviews - put your name and the book title and link to your review post.
  5. Reviews in portuguese are fine too.
  6. If you don't have a blog you can link to your reviews on Goodreads or other sites where you post reviews.
  7. Prize: At the end of the challenge I will giveaway one book of Portuguese Historical Fiction published in 2013 (feel free to suggest titles). Each review on Mr Linky counts as an entry for the giveaway
  8. I think that's it but feel free to contact me for more details if you want!

This post will be up on my sidebar so you can easily find it and add new reviews and check the ones posted


  1. Boa ideia!
    Vou tentar o segundo nível.


  2. Replies
    1. Hi Violette, yes there are. You can find some of them here

      I hope to add more to that list soon.

  3. I'm in! I saw on your list: A Small Death in Lisbon, and I have a copy - so how could I resist joining the challenge?

    1. Welcome aboard Susan!! I read A Small Death in Lisbon last year and enjoyed it. I'm looking for more by the author to try.

  4. Nunca fui muito de ler históricos mas vou aproveitar o desafio para ler alguns.Quem sabe não passo a gostar? :)

  5. No comentário anterior esqueci-me de dizer que vou tentar o Nível "Curious About It" e se correr bem subo. :)

  6. Ana C. Nunes, espero que gostes! Não há nada como descobrir um novo género e aumentar a pilha de livros a ler :-)

  7. Já que o ano passado não fiz o desafio, transferi-o para este ano, está no Bingo e venho inscrever-me aqui outra vez. Vou tentar ler 3 livros, por isso vou tentar o nível Curious About It. Quando tiver mais tempo coloco no blog e junto o link lá em cima. ;)

    E parabéns pela iniciativa. :D

  8. Congratulations for your excellent idea and project. I hope to see one of my books on your list.

  9. Acrescentei o meu primeiro livrinho :)

  10. Adicionei o meu primeiro livrinho :)

    1. Óptimo! Vou já ler a critica. Estou a gostar muito de descobrir novos livros :-)

  11. The final post and giveaway winner are up now


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